Wenglorz FightCup V 07.12.2013
7 grudnia 2013

The 5th edition of Wenglorz FightCup gala was held in Lidzbark Warmiński in one of the production room in our company. It was a real challange for us, but we like it, after all! So far not many organisers in the world have decided to make such events in such a scenery. Our satisfaction was even bigger when we could see crowds of overexcited people who gathered there. We took care of proper setting as well: the competitors were leaving their cloakrooms accompanied at the chosen pieces of music, in the lights of sun spots and mist fog which shaded their figures a little. For the first time, the representatives fought in cup system in MMA and K1 formula. That evening we all witnessed excellent duels from the first until last round. In MMA formula the first fight was won by Jędrzej Maćkowiak who beat the Slovakian competitor Erik Kunzo. The most awated fight of the evening “Extra Fight” was the meeting of the two fighters: Stanisław Zaniewski and Arkadiusz Mruk. After the whole five rounds Zaniewski turned to be the better one. Our competitors, as usuall, provided high sports level to the guests. We looked after the level of organisation

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